SunPower Corporation Operator 2 in Melaka, Malaysia

Do you want to change the world? We do, too.

The energy market is roughly $4 trillion globally, and solar penetration is less than 1%. But just one hour of sunlight, if harnessed, could power the entire world for a year. We have the opportunity to completely change the way energy is produced, distributed and consumed on a global scale, and we’re looking for talented, committed people to help us drive our growth and achieve our goals.

SunPower is a global solar energy solutions company with a rich heritage of pioneering the best energy technologies in the world. Our solutions are unrivaled in terms of long-term reliability, efficiency and guaranteed performance, and our company is unmatched in terms of global reach and scale. Through design, manufacturing, installation and ongoing maintenance and monitoring, SunPower provides its proprietary, world-record efficient solar technology to residential, commercial and utility customers worldwide.

SunPower is changing the way our world is powered every day with a brilliant, passionate and driven team of more than 7,000 in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. In an industry that is reshaping the world’s energy future, there’s no better place to be than SunPower.

We believe that our employees create our brand – with each project, each communication, each task completed and each interaction. Experience is critical to SunPower in regards to not only our customers but also our employees and dealer partners. As such, we strive to hire candidates that are service focused. The experience we would expect the ideal person to deliver is:

Family Description:

Sets up and operates a variety of automatic or semi-automatic machines including robotic assembly equipment used in the production of the company's product. Responsible for the overall operation of potentially large-scale manufacturing machinery including actions such as feeding materials for processing, adjusting settings, performing minor repairs, and pulling finished product from the line. Works from process sheets or written/verbal instructions given by supervisor to perform production tasks. Checks and inspects operation results against predetermined tolerances.

Position Summary:

Ensures good quality output based on defined parameters and control on-time delivery of products

Duties and Responsibilities:

Proper endorsement of every shift transition.

Strictly adhere to all safety and health rules & regulations and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Ensures production downtimes are properly recorded and attended.

Perform minor tool set-up and machine adjustment.

Perform qualification and production run of quality wafers.

Reports to manufacturing supervisor and observe line abnormalities, whether it is machine, process or material.

Escalates problem(s) encountered to manufacturing supervisor.

Assists other engineers (process, equipment, maintenance, Industrial Engineers) during evaluations.

Supports other production area as deemed necessary by manufacturing supervisor.

Performs daily 5S housekeeping of production area

Reports Good Catch / Submit Bright Ideas

Qualification / Education :

Minimum PMR/SPM qualified.

Required Experience:

Manufacturing working experience is an added advantage.

Knowledge /Skills :

Able to read and understand SOP in Bahasa Malaysia and English.