Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Customer Master Data Administrator (1 year contract) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

POSITION SUMMARYPurposeTo create, maintain and amend Customer Master Data, Pricing Master Data and Contract Data for all business areas within Asia, comply with Global Data Standards and Service Commitment, and ensure data accuracy.Nature and ScopeThe Customer Master Data Administrator (CMDA) position supports all business areas within Asia. This position is accountable for the creation of all new customer accounts and contracts including Inter-company Ship-To’s, Internal Plants and Warehouses, and Subcontracting Vendor Accounts and for the creation and maintenance of all customer pricing records including various types of charges that may apply. This position is also accountable for the creation and maintenance of all Internal and External Text documentation.The CDMAs are responsible to adhere to the data standards established for Customer Master globally and to understand the various work processes that are specific to each of the different business areas. In understanding the SAP system requirements, the Administrators are the decision makers in when and how to link customers and which data fields are required based on the specific business requirements as well as the end result requirements.This position works very closely with the Customer Service Organization Order Processing Teams, Billing Analysis Team, Credit & Collections, Compliance and Regulatory Teams, and Sales / Marketing. Individuals must be detail and process oriented. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIESThis position is accountable for the following results:• Data Quality - Customer Master, Price Master and Contract Data1. Adhere to documented Data Standards in creation or modification of Customer Master Data.2. Adhere to documented Data Standards in creation or modification of Contract Data.3. Adhere to the Job Aids defining the required data fields including specific Business Area Work Processes.4. Continually review and cleanse Customer Account information in both Customer Master and in the Contract as per Data Standards.5. Create quotations for every New or Modified Price record to validate the accuracy of data input.6. Validate that appropriate approvals are obtained prior to adding or modifying customer master, pricing and/or contract data as per the specific business guidelines.• Support Daily Operations for the Customer Master Data Team1. Handling of the Team Mailbox with equal distribution of the workload for Contract and Customer Master Data requests (E-Mails, Workbooks, Questions, etc.) in supporting Team Members.2. Continually share and discuss with Team Members processes, job aids and / or business knowledge.3. Handling of various projects and spreadsheets received to update Customer Data, Pricing, Contract Data and Customer Relationship Management – Sales Force Automation (CRM-SFA).4. Adhere to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) as defined for Customer Master.5. Support After Hours coverage for Business Critical requests.6. Daily resolution of various SAP Error Reports to include but not limited to, Billing Blocks, ZCL and LB Error Reports.7. Updating the Customer Master Measurement Database in identifying each transaction per guidelines.8. Assist as necessary with validation of job aids in support of all CMD Teams globally.• Interface with Business Areas, Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain and Planners, Customer Service and Logistics Teams, Billing Team, Credit Team and other Customer Master Data Teams Globally.1. Continually support the various Business Areas to increase their understanding of Customer Master and Contract Data functionality and work processes.2. Assist the Customer Service and the Billing Analysis Team in researching Invoice & Price discrepancies, and / or various customer billing and document output requirements.3. Participate in CSO activities, job events and projects.4. Work closely with other master data teams (material master, vendor master, etc.) as per processes defined.• Team Training & Process Requirements1. SAP Navigation2. SAP Customer Master Data3. SAP Price Master Data4. SAP Contract Administrator5. Escalation / Formula Pricing6. Complaints7. CRM – SFA functionalityMINIMUM REQUIREMENTS AND QUALIFICATIONS• Bachelor degree or diploma in related disciplines;• Fluent English in written and verbal communication; must be able to speak/read / write Chinese (Can speak/read/write Korean have an advantage)• More than 1 year experience in commercial execution, basic knowledge of business process, database experience preferred;• Strong sense of responsibility, strong Customer Service mind set; data analytical skill.• Strong interpersonal and communication skills, ability to liaise with multi cultural colleagues;• Excellent team work and time management skill, ability to work on own initiative but also part of a team;• Ability to work under pressure.• Basic Excel knowledge.• Fresh graduates are welcome to apply.